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At Chattanooga Mobility we offer rental options for our Stairlifts, Lift Chairs, Ramps, Knee Walkers, and Wheelchairs.

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    After a hip, knee or ankle injury or surgery a stairlift rental can help you maneuver the levels of your home while you heal. The rental is a 2 month minimum which will give you plenty of time to get back to your healed daily routine.

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    $60/Week | $200/Month

    Sometimes you need a lift but only for a little while. The recliner lift chair rental is perfect for people who have had shoulder, hip, knee or cosmetic surgeries and are temporarily unable to stand up on their own. You can rent these for as short as 1 week up to as long as you need help. Recliner lift chair lay back as far as a regular recliner but it also lifts you to a standing position with the push of a button.

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    $30/Week $100/Month < 5 Feet | $60/Week $200/Month >6 Feet

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    Knee Walkers

    $25/Week | $85/1st Month | $70/Month Thereafter

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    $30-$50/Week | $110-$175/Month

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